Why Blockchain animation video is essential for a hyip, ico and investment program?

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What is blockchain animation video and the importance of making one

Rather than relying on texts, any website can use video content as a marketing strategy. The reason is simple as videos are a powerful storyteller. Not to mention, videos can make the customer experience far better thanks to the visuals. So, the visual effects can help boost your startup moral a lot to the customers.

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A spokesperson is an important person for boosting the business and investment. So, small online startups are also using spokesperson video for the job. So, why a spokesperson video is essential for a hyip, ico and investment program? Let’s find that out our-self on this content about the basics of spokesperson.

What is a spokesperson for your website?

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A website spokesperson has a lot of names. Some of them include video spokesperson, virtual spokesperson, or a web model. Anybody surfing online has seen a spokesperson once in a while. Their responsibility is to introduce a specific product or a business introduction to the visitors.

Usually, any small business entity comes with a spokesperson. The spokesperson always delivers the message of the company to the customers. Also, he/she always tends to manage or introduce the business ideals of the company.

However, for any start-up business, spokesperson video is quite important. Especially if you are running an ICO or HYIP project, a spokesperson can ensure fundraising.

What and who is a video spokesperson for ICO and HYIP projects?

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If you are new to the crypto world, then finding a reliable company for your ICO investment is important. Also, any startup company in ICO or HYIP needs to raise funds. Otherwise, they have to stop their projects without any sort of budget whatsoever.

So, it’s important to meet with the investors or clients and ensure them about the project. For ICO projects, the whitepaper will give you a good idea about the project. But before that, the investors need to understand the company standards and their subject materials.

Yes, almost every ICO or HYIP project company owns a website of their own. So, before starting a business with the company, the investors or clients like to visit that specific website. But scrolling down or reading different contents never helps too much. That’s why they use a spokesperson video to give the clients a good idea about their company’s
subject materials.

A spokesperson is basically the actor that introduces the subject materials of a company. Reading texts from the website pages can be tough and sometimes boring. Anyway, when someone is explaining something with gestures and movement can be great. Not to mention, the visual effects can improve the client’s overall reaction towards the company.

Spokesperson videos are always optimized videos, and they can introduce any company more like a human. Of course, the spokesperson is a human, and it can give the company a face and voice. They are more like presenters from the TV or ads, and the spokesperson can reduce the communication gap. For huge projects like ICO and HYIP, the spokesperson is very important.

The main reasons why a Blockchain animation video is important for ICO and HYIP projects

So, the spokesperson can eliminate communication gap between the startup company and the investors. Not to mention, it can also create a proper investment environment for investors. As a proper startup ICO or HYIP company, you must know the benefits of using the spokesperson company right here:

Can help build trust with the investors

The difference between text contents and video contents are not the same. Often videos are governed by visuals and other voiceover supports. Also, animation, soundtracks, and visuals can create a great impact on the mind. There are a lot of ways to make beautiful videos, and that is not our concern.

For an ICO or HYIP project, without finding any investors – you can never run your project. As there are no products in the market right now, you have to operate by the trust between the project holder and the investor. A spokesperson will always introduce the company element using body language and other visuals.

Actually, the honesty in the message of the spokesperson video can improve trust.  Thanks to the spokesperson, any message or video becomes more credible to the investors.

Helps you with the power of influencers

You know about the influencers market on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. For raising funds for your investments, tapping on the influencer marketing is very crucial. Without doing so, it will be hard for any start-up company.

Well, just text documents are not enough to provide you the perfect boost. Also, influencing can improve or put an impact on the decisions of others. Now, people like others mouth recommendation and make a decision of their own.

When you are using spokesperson videos, influencing marketing can help increase fundraising a lot.

Easy to give notice or project reviews

Yes, the ICO or HYIP projects are often fraudulent, and investors are getting cautious. Thus, a lot of Startup Company is facing problems for raising funds. They often try to lead the investors to the website, and also make sure they convince the investors.

It’s obvious that the clients will go to the website but won’t bother to check the contents. But to raise funds, you have to create engaging conversation or attractive project introduction. On the spokesperson video, the person is not just showing you the project details.

Rather, they are also showing the way you can achieve benefits from the

Finally, a video spokesperson can improve networking and boost the visibility of ICO or HYIP projects.


Anybody needs to tap into the power of videos, and often improved the quality of any entity. Especially, for the business entity, the videos can improve customer relationships and boost business quality. A business spokesperson is just like any TV presenter and helps to boost the business.

However, the ICO and HYIP rely on fundraising programs. But without enhancing the message, you can never tap into your projects and gain success. For making engaging message and company materials – video spokesperson is very crucial for ICO or HYIP projects.



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